Mid-South Men's Health Organization

Mid-South Men's Health and the Save-Deez Nuts concept was the idea of two brothers, conceived in 2010 while watching football one Sunday afternoon.  It seemed as if every player was wearing pink (for breast cancer) and every commercial was for either viagra, enzyte or extenze.  Look, don't get us wrong, we love football and supporting breast cancer awareness just as much as anyone, but we genuinely felt like there was a void.  Not to be dramatic but it just seemed a little one sided.  If you change the channel to women's sports you don't see them wearing blue ribbons for testicular cancer.  Why not?  Because the voice of men's health just hasn't been loud enough.  Contrary to what the media tells us men are complex creatures.  We have wives and children, friends and teammates that we love and support.  So, why aren't these guys wearing shoes, gloves and ribbons to support a men's health initiative?  And that was the moment we decided we were going to be that voice.