Mid-South Men's Health Organization

Urgent Projects

Fight Fire with Fire and Bonnaroo

We currently have two mission critical innitiatives that MMHO are developing. The First is a new prostate cancer awareness campaign called "Fight Fire With Fire" Our goal is to put prostate cancer awareness packs in every firestation in the City of memphis. These stations cover a vast area of the city that makes it logisticly difficult for us to reach. We are looking for community involvement to deliver some of these packages, so if you or someone you know lives close to a station. Please contact us and we can ship you a pack that you can deliver to a station near you.


   Our second project is the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, TN. June 12-15.  The reason this event is urgent is that we need your support financially. MMHO does numerous festivals in and around the Bluff City but Bonnaroo is an enormous undertaking both physicly and financially.  You might be thinking "O those lucky guys from Save Deez Nuts are going to have fun" but the reality is that we are only allowed 3 vendor passes and we have to be open all four days of the festival and also be open 20 hours a day. No, that is not a misprint. Three guys, four days, 20 hours a day. Although it will be a ton of work, we feel that this event offers MMHO the largest outreach to people from all over the country. You may think that Bonnaroo is all Hippies and free love but we can attest to the fact that being a vendor there is not free. The entry alone is almost $2000 and that is not including a place to get our 4 hours of sleep, food to eat or the save deez nuts items that we sell. So in the coming days and weeks leading up to this grand event we need your help. Wether it is buying a shirt or  making a  donation every cent helps the cause. So click on the secure paypal donation button or visit our store.

And remeber we are "Saving Lives One Nut At A Time" Join the fight today.